Made by a Mom

“When it was time for my two daughters to start solid foods, I was bitterly disappointed with what I found on sale at the time; everything had added sugars and salts, and various additives. So in the end I decided to make my own.

It wasn’t easy. I had to come up with nutritionally-balanced meals but these also had to be interesting and exciting. Well, my girls really liked the results and I soon was asked to make food for my friends’ babies too.

Realizing I’d stumbled upon a unique product, I approached my employer at the time – Woolworths - and asked them whether they’d be interested in my purees. They jumped at the idea and so, together with a small group of family and friends, we built a brand-new factory and The Baby Food Company was born.”

Rozita Andrew
(Founder and Technical Director, Mom to Jessica and Rachel)
BSc – Natal, BSc Medical Honours Nutrition and Dietetics - UCT Medical School